Providing Parenting Coordinator Services in Brampton

Simply put, a Parenting Coordinator (PC) helps you apply and implement an existing parenting plan, agreement or court order.

Parenting coordination is a child focussed alternative dispute resolution process for parents in conflict. This service is beneficial to parents who have typically demonstrated a long-term inability or unwillingness to make parenting decisions on their own, to comply with parenting agreements and orders, to reduce their child-related conflicts and to protect their children form the impact of that conflict. It is an alternative path for parents to resolve their co-parenting issues outside of the courtroom. It is quicker and far less expensive.

As a parenting coordinator, I act as a neutral third party. I am retained by both parents. When a dispute arises, I am contacted by both parents, I obtain each parents perspective on the dispute by gathering information, negotiating and attempting to build a consensus. If a consensual agreement cannot be reached, then I will, make a determination resolving the dispute which is binding on the parents.

Lawyer often recommend the use of a PC to their clients to avoid the costs, delays and emotional turmoil involved in the litigation process. I can also be retained by the parties directly.


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