Domestic Violence Screening

In advance of proceeding with a Mediation or Arbitration it is important to determine if parties are good candidates for alternate dispute resolution processes.

It is important to identify if it is safe for the parties to be in a room together to negotiate a settlement and to determine how to structure the mediation/arbitration to set the stage for the best negotiation. My function as a screener is to ensure that both parties will be able to fully, freely and safely participate in the arbitration process.

New regulations for family arbitration by the Ontario Attorney General require family arbitrators to certify that the parties had been ‘screened’ for power imbalances and domestic violence before and during the arbitration hearing.


Independent Legal Advice/ Referrals

It is highly recommended that you obtain independent legal advice in advance of the commencement of the mediation process.

This ensures that you are aware of your rights and are able to negotiate a fair agreement. Although it is not mandatory it is highly recommended that you obtain Independent Legal Advice in advance of signing a domestic contract. I recognize that mediated contracts tend to be different from lawyer negotiated agreements at times.

I would love to work with you to resolve the financial aspect of the separation while you work with the client to resolve the parenting aspect. Should you choose to mediate the financial aspect I would be happy to discuss the nuances of Net Family Property Equalization.


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