Providing Family Litigation Services in Brampton and surrounding areas.

As a Certified Family Law Specialist I can bring a new perspective, energy and thinking to protracted, complex and seemingly unmanageable disputes.

Mentoring / Trial Lawyer:

Family law intersects with myriad other areas of law and practise areas, including immigration law, tax criminal, mental health, international and more. I stay abreast of the legal areas that commonly impact my clients, but am also prepared to refer my clients to other trusted professionals when necessary. I maintain a trusted network of professionals that I can refer my clients to should circumstances require. I will gladly take over a matter that is set for a trial.

Although I always encourage my clients to first seek a fair agreement through negotiation or mediation, this approach does not work for everyone, sometimes despite the best intentions of one or both of the parties your only recourse may be to commence court proceeding.

If you chose litigation/ court proceedings, I will ensure that you are well prepared for what will be involved, and required by you in court. I am a story teller and your story is the gateway to get you the justice you deserve. I have the unique skills and expertise to provide strong representation aimed at obtaining the best possible outcome for you and your children.

I invest the time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case to identify the real and favorable outcomes and develop the strategy to achieve the outcome you seek. I offer a range of retainer agreement options to suit your case.

Not all matters go to trial. Not many lawyers like to do trials. Trials require an enormous amount of time, energy and commitment. The stakes are high. I receive a number of referrals each year from other lawyers who have taken their client’s matter as far as they can, but do not have the time or inclination to run the trial.

Going to court is the last resort yet sometimes it may be the only method to safeguard your rights, assets, safety and the children’s rights.

I handle all aspects of family law including:

Pre-nuptial agreements
Cohabitation agreements
Same sex relationships

Assets and Debts
Child Support: collect, increase, decrease or modify
Spousal Support: collect, increase, decrease or modify spousal support

Special Expenses: collect, increase, decrease or modify special expenses
Independent legal advice and second opinions
Foreign divorce opinions

Child abduction


The Law Society of Ontario
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Caledon Parent-Child Centre
Volunteer MBC
Ontario Association for Family Mediation
Collaborative Law Practice
Ontario's Family Law Limited Scope Service's Project