Lawyer Fees

Free Consultation

I can provide you with a free consultation over the phone or by email. This is a confidential consultation.

In-person Consultation

I accept two hour duty counsel certificates, and am able to provide in-depth advice during this meeting. If you qualify for a full fledged LAO certificate, I can continue to provide you with ongoing legal services.

I charge for an in-person consultation. If you are unable to attend in person, I can offer this over the phone or by exchange of emails. I will require more specific information. It is important that you compile a list of possible questions in advance of the meeting.

Hourly Rate

Please call me to obtain further information about my hourly rate.

Flat Rates

  • Uncontested divorce - $1600
  • Separation Agreement - $2000
  • Separation Agreement (property only) - $1500
  • Separation Agreement (custody and access only) - $1500
  • Paternity Agreement - $1500
  • Cohabitation agreement (property only) - $1500
  • Cohabitation agreement (property and support) - $1800
  • Prenuptial Agreement (property only) - $1500
  • Prenuptial agreement (property and support) - $1800
  • Amendment to separation agreement - $1000-$1500

Miscellaneous Services

  • Foreign Divorce Opinion - $250
  • Independent legal advice - $300
  • Statutory Declaration - $150
  • Notarization - $35
  • Commissioning - $50

Unbundled Services

The cost of preparing documents is predictable; however, the cost of my attendance in court is not. I offer a flat rate for the following:
  • Application and Affidavit for custody and access - $1400
  • Application, Financial Statement and Affidavit for Custody and Access (Form 13) - $1800
  • Application, Financial Statement, Affidavit for Custody and Access (Form 13.1) - $2200
  • Motion to change, change in information form - $1500
  • Motion to change, change in information form, financial statement - $2000
  • Answer, Affidavit for custody and access - $1500
  • Case Conference brief - $800
  • Settlement conference brief - $800
  • Support mate calculations (each scenario) - $50
  • Financial Statement form 13 - $600
  • Financial Statement form 13.1 - $1000

Consultant "Ghost Lawyer"

Some of my clients prefer to deal with the "other side" themselves. This ensures that they are not billed for the umpteen phone calls, emails or correspondences from the "other side". Sometimes they simply want to deal with it themselves to avoid the increased hostility when counsels get involved. When the litigation reaches a pivotal stage, the clients are able to retain me as counsel of record in a heartbeat; given that I already have knowledge of the file, the transition is smoother and cost effective. I will require a retainer for this service however the retainer may not be as high as that required for a contested family law matter.


When accepting a family law case I cannot work on a contingency basis as I am not permitted to do so. I will require a deposit which is placed in the trust account. As services are provided the work is billed and payment is transferred from the trust account. When the trust account is depleted you will be required to replenish it.
  • My retainer for a contested family law matter is $2800
  • My retainer for a trial is $10,000-$15,000

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

All lawyers must charge HST for their services.


Our retainer agreement sets out the disbursement costs. During the initial consult you can request a copy for review.

Total Cost

I often tell my clients you have the answer to this question. You can predict your spouse better than I can; if they want to take you to the cleaners the cost will be higher, if they are difficult to deal with the cost will be higher. You can assume that each stage will cost $2000; however, how many stages will be required is hard to predict.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO)

We accept legal aid certificates from community agencies such as:

Please visit to determine if you qualify for a legal aid certificate.

Payment Methods

We accept debit, VISA, MasterCard, cash and cheque payments.