Family Law FAQs

Families Change
Educational information on parental separation and divorce for children and teens.
Marriage, divorce and the dotted line
Prenups are increasingly being viewed as practical documents rather than cynical safety nets for non-romantics
Divorce throws a monkey wrench into the financial works
Christina Mills reflects back on the financial challenges of raising two children alone, and offers some sage advice for other single parents.
Parenting After Divorce
Keeping Contact with Children: Assessing the Father/Child Post-separation Relationship from the Male Perspective
Divorce Law
Questions and Answers
Because Life Goes On...
Helping Children and Youth Live With Separation and Divorce
The Family Law Series
Child Support and the Child Support Guidelines
Children's Aid: Information for Parents
A children's aid society or CAS has a legal duty to make sure that children under the age of 16 are protected from harm.
CPP benefits: Are you entitled?
You may be entitled to a share of your spouse’s or partner’s Canada Pension Plan (CPP) credits.
Custody and Access
When two people have a child, they each have an equal right and equal responsibility to raise their child.
Getting Divorced
To legally end your marriage you must get a divorce.
Family Law Series: Series Living Together
When two people live together in a “conjugal” (marriage-like) relationship without being legally married to each other, they are often referred to as living “common-law”.
Family Law
A Guide to Procedures in Family Court
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